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Free advice and training tips to train your Dog to a high standard. Well trained dogs are happy dogs and lead to relaxed owners

The Dog Club offers
Special Needs Classes

A class specially designed to help dogs and their owners to deal with problems associated with fear and aggression towards other dogs or people.
Carefull controlled socialisation and rehabilitation takes place in small friendly groups (maximum 4 dogs)and aims to provide a total support system to the owner.

The Dog Club offers a Behaviour Clinic
The behaviour clinic is run on the basis of Veterinary referrals with a qualified pet behaviour counsellor. The all new clinic is designed to tackle problems such as anti-social behaviour, fears and phobias, separation anxiety and related disorders (chewing, barking, loss of house training), and obsessive compulsive disorders (eg tail-chasing, self harm).

One-to-One Training
Expert advice and training with a fully qualified trainer. Training will be designed to individual requirements with the support of a training programme and advice sheets.

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