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Free advice and training tips to train your Dog to a high standard. Well trained dogs are happy dogs and lead to relaxed owners

Puppies are introduced into class on an ongoing basis and there is no need to wait for the start of the next course. We feel it is very important that puppies should start on their education as early as possible.

Before a puppy's education starts, it needs to feel comfortable at home. Get a pet bed for your puppy that fits in at home. Do you know somebody who is getting a puppy? Get them a custom made pet bed as a gift today!

Good Citizen Award
At The Dog Club we support the Kennel Club's Good Citizen Award Scheme We have encouraged and helped lots of dogs (and owners) prepare for various awards (Gold, Silver or Bronze) and we have so far achieved a 98% pass rate.

Nutritional Advice
our dog's diet is very important and we would be happy to provide guidance about a suitable diet, or advice on dietary problems.

"Clicker" Training
Train your dog to respond to sound of the clicker then use this unique, conditioned reinforcement for exercises and tricks. The clicker can also help build confidence in your dog, and help modify complex behavioural problems. This course covers the origins and psychology behind this modern training method as well as demonstrating practical applications with your own dog.

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